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The Friday File: August 23rd, 2019 | SEO, Investing and Sailing Starts

Let’s not talk about how long it’s been since I published one of these, let alone anything to my blog, kay? It’s been a year. Here’s to a newfound focus on blogging and this website, and using The Friday File as a way to force myself to get back into that habit.

4 Tips to Successfully Optimize Terrible Websites (Lee Wilson, Search Engine Journal)

There’s no greater moment than when Search Engine Journal arrives to my inbox at approximately 1:03 pm every weekday! Taking over an existing site can be overwhelming, so planning and prioritizing are key.

Kelowna Fall Activities (Tourism Kelowna)

Hellooooo much needed vacation in October!

5 – Starting Strategies Episode Three – The Dinghy Start (Race to Win Sailing Podcast, YouTube)

Okay, I know, this is a video/podcast, I didn’t read it. Let’s not get caught up in technicalities. I’ve taken up sailing this year, and while I had no intention to when I first signed up, I’ve taken part in a few regattas! This past weekend was my third regatta, and my first taking the helm for two of the five races. Did we come dead last in every single race? Yes. Did I have an absolute blast and learn so much? Absolutely! I’ve been reading and watching so much lately, especially since my starts were epic fails. Hopefully next time I can at least come second last for a race or two!

Note: This video sure doesn’t accurately show the wonderful mix of thrilling and absolutely terrifying a regatta start can be.

Investing 101: Investing Basics for Beginners (Wealthsimple)

Help! I’m becoming an adult!

Not a ton of good reads to share this week, it’s been a busy one, but I’m determined to get back on board the blogging train for good! See you next week.

The Friday File: September 28th

It’s been a while (err, about 4 months) since I’ve published this but I’ve decided to get back to doing this regularly. A weekly post sharing some of what I’ve been reading and watching throughout the week. Enjoy!

Local cannabis retail shops – Burlington Ward 1 candidates weigh-in on provincial opt-out option (John Bkila, Burlington Post)

Really appreciative of the Burlington Post’s coverage of the municipal election, especially the compilations of candidate responses to key issues. Not going to lie, I’m rethinking my vote for mayor.

Rowan’s Law Day will remind everyone of the dangers of concussions (Charles Tator, The Globe and Mail)

The Globe and I don’t always see eye to eye, but for this article we do. Concussions suck, and we do a a terrible job around education, prevention and diagnosis (especially for youth). We need to do this better. Yesterday!

Guide to removing referrer spam and fake traffic in Google Analytics (Optimize Smart)

I did NOT have time for this in the office on Thursday. Alas, I had no choice. 

Progressive Web Apps – The Next Step in Web App Development (GeekyAnts, Hackernoon)

Who knew these were even a thing? Well, I do now.

Scrabble gets 300 new words in US dictionary revamp (BBC)

This Scrabble champ has even more words at her disposal now.

The Friday File: March 9th

A weekly post sharing some of what I’ve been reading and watching throughout the week. 

The clues to a great story (TED Talk, Andrew Stanton)

Make me care, 2+2, wonder. A great talk about telling great stories.

An Ode to Toronto FC (Jeffery P. Nesker, Waking the Red)

In Bez we trust. Toronto ‘Till I Die you guys. 

What Women Need to Know Before Getting an MBA (Bridget Casey on Greedy Rates)

An MBA is most likely the next to be added to the expensive paper collection, so I appreciated this read. We’ve made progress, but we’re not there yet.

Health system neglects northern patients by design: Doctor (Nick Purdon and Leonardo Palleja, CBC News)

In my 6 weeks on a remote reserve in northwestern Ontario, I learned a lot about the shocking realities of health care up there. Or rather, the lack thereof. Some amazing people doing great work, but talent and passion only go so far when you lack basic resources. Please read this. Please. Canada is an amazing country, but not for all.

12 Marketing Certifications That Can Land You a Job at Ladder (Michael Taylor, Ladder)

I’m making good progress on the hoops I need to jump through to finalize my summer internship. Now that I know the type of projects I’ll be working on, it’s time to get working on some learning above and beyond my coursework that will prepare me to learn and excel this summer. This is a great list of certifications for digital marketers, and ones I’ll be working towards (if I’m not already) as I gear up for a summer of social media and SEO! 


The Friday File: February 23rd

The first in a new weekly series sharing some of what I’ve been reading and watching throughout the week.

The Power of Sharing Your Story With Students by Beth Pandolpho

Educators are human beings too, the more you show this the more successful your students’ learning experience will be. Being honest about my experiences learning French with my former ESL students helped them see me on a more human level, especially as I was pretty much the first English speaker within their community they had met who wasn’t perfectly bilingual.

Can You Afford To Risk Not Aligning Corporate And Social Purposes? by Christopher P. Skroupa, Forbes

Nope, you can’t.

The Purpose-Driven Marketer: How Patagonia Uses Storytelling To Turn Consumers Into Activists by Jeff Beer, Fast Company

Social impact and mission driven brands have been capturing a lot of my ‘I should be textbook studying but it’s alright because I’m still learning’ time lately. Career goals, right there.

Millennials’ prolonged stay at Parents Inn is having a profound impact on housing markets by Murtaza Haider and Stephen Moranis, Financial Post

Honestly this one just made me really angry because it paints an unfair picture that ignores the struggles and obstacles my generation faces in affording basics such as our own housing. I WOULD BE 100% INDEPENDENT AND NOT LIVING WITH MY MOTHER IF I COULD. But worth a read nonetheless.

Advertisers warn social media to step up, or they’re out by Ramona Pringle, CBC News

Levels of trust in various forms of media has been changing in recent years, and Canadians feel it’s increasingly difficult to trust what they read online. It will be interesting to see how social media platforms continue to respond to problems of abuse, fake news etc. and how we can find an optimal balance between personal content, brands, news and paid ads as we move forward in this constantly changing and developing landscape.