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5 Things I Learned In My First Semester Studying Digital Marketing

From SEO to strategy, 5 key things I learned in my first semester studying digital marketing.

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The Friday File: February 23rd

The first in a new weekly series sharing some of what I’ve been reading and watching throughout the week. The Power of Sharing Your Story With Students by Beth Pandolpho Educators are human beings too, the more you show this the more successful your students’ learning experience will be. Being honest about my experiences learning…

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Adventures in Jasper National Park

Photos and first glimpses of a week in Jasper National Park.

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3 Months In

Back on September 1st I dragged me, myself and 97 pounds of luggage onto an airplane bound for Quebec City. A few days later I was dropped off at a house full of people who don’t speak english, and life has been flashing by ever since.

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International Day of the Girl: A Message to a Younger Me

“Go play your trombone, go be bossy, and go show ’em what you’ve got.”

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What I’ve Learned in Seven Months of Physiotherapy

-no pain no gain. but not too much pain, back off when you need to, especially if you’re in the middle of a flare up. -I will always take pleasure in the looks on people’s faces when my wrist cracks so loud that they can hear it. -your physiotherapist is just as frustrated as you…

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