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The Best Of…Social Enterprise Marketing Resources

Over the last few weeks we’ve talked about what a social enterprise is, why marketing a social business is a little bit different, best practices for marketing your social enterprise and a fabulous social business brand example. Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired with some tangible ideas to improve or get started on your social enterprise’s marketing….

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5 Things I Learned In My First Semester Studying Digital Marketing

From SEO to strategy, 5 key things I learned in my first semester studying digital marketing.

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The Friday File: March 9th

A weekly post sharing some of what I’ve been reading and watching throughout the week.  The clues to a great story (TED Talk, Andrew Stanton) Make me care, 2+2, wonder. A great talk about telling great stories. An Ode to Toronto FC (Jeffery P. Nesker, Waking the Red) In Bez we trust. Toronto ‘Till I…

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The Friday File: February 23rd

The first in a new weekly series sharing some of what I’ve been reading and watching throughout the week. The Power of Sharing Your Story With Students by Beth Pandolpho Educators are human beings too, the more you show this the more successful your students’ learning experience will be. Being honest about my experiences learning…

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Rotation Curation Love

If anybody reading this happens to follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been relatively absent this week. Well, I’ve been absent from my personal account, but not from the twittersphere! Why? This week I’m the voice of Canada as the curator of @PeopleofCanada Rotation Curation (or RoCur) started in Sweden with the…

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